4.  Jonathan Tibbett’s Grasshopper Quartz Mill.  
                (6.3 Miles)

    Walk 300 yards past sand mounds to the remains of a water pump.

     Located in the “center of activity” was a high piece of ground known as “Chinamen’s Knoll.”  Here Tibbett’s operated a 5-stamp mill powered by a Pico Steam Engine.  Heavy iron heads rose and fell rhythmically, pulverizing gold ore from the John Bull mines.  The sand mound is old tailings.


This area is rather interesting because you can see these unique mounds of sand that is left over from the mining process of the gold rush of Holcomb Valley .  The mounds are man-made reminders of the past and how mining processes can literally change the landscape of our environment.


The entrance to the Jonathan Tibbett’s Grasshopper Quartz Mill site. 

This is one of the surviving mining antiques that stand as a small beacon to the gold rush of
Big Bear Valley .  

Yet more of the delightful wildflowers. This time the wildflower is about the size of a quarter. I only saw this particular wildflower blossom at the location of the Jonathan Tibbett’s’ Grasshopper Quartz Mill site.

1. Holcomb View Trail - 2. Last Chance Placer
Wilbur's Grave (Not on the tour)
3. Two Gun Bill's Saloon - 4.Jonathan Tibbett's Grasshopper Quartz Mill
5. Hangman's Tree - 6. Original Gold Diggings - 7. Belleville - 8. Arrasters
9. Ross' Grave - 10. Pygmy Cabin Site - 11. Metzger Mine
12. Gold Mountain A.K.A. Lucky Baldwin Mine