5. Hangman's Tree (6.5 Miles)

Look for a tree surrounded by rail fence next to road.

      As miners and prospectors came to seek their fortune, outlaws, claim jumpers, gamblers, and other trouble makers followed close behind.  In late August, 1861, the valley was taken over by an organized band of horse thieves from Salt Lake City , known as button’s Gang.  The gangs’ domination was so complete they simply commandeered any cabin they wanted and appropriated any supplies or equipment they fancied.

     An estimated 50 murders were committed in the first two years of the discovery of Holcomb Valley .  For example, “Hell Roaring Johnson” was shot when he tried to fix the first election in the valley.

     Some outlaws evaded justice, but those who didn’t met their Maker on Hangman’s Tree.

     For many years, this juniper tree was mistaken to be the famous Hangman’s Tree, the symbol of law and justice in the turbulent Holcomb Valley .  (The original Hangman’s Tree is now believed to be a stump 100 feet east of Belleville Cabin).  Nevertheless, you can look up and imagine the scene when as many as four outlaws were hanged at once from the branches of a large tree.

Here stands the tree!

Here I am standing at the entrance of the enclosure for the Hangman’s Tree.  This particular stop has some very interesting history about it.  The tree is large and I can see why they picked such a tree to represent law and order of a very wild west.  The tree is enclosed with the rail fence and beyond the tree there were lots of wildflowers.  





Where we are standing is on the opposite side of the entrance and enclosure where there the soil is covered with the lavender purple and white flowers previously seen.  





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