1.  Holcomb View Trail.  
    (3.2 Miles)

Park and follow the Pacific Crest Trail 250 feet east to the view of Holcomb Valley .

     Bill Holcomb, being a fine marksman, was hired by other prospectors to hunt bear for its meat.  One hunting trip led him up Polique Canyon , and when he reached the ridge line he looked northward and saw a beautiful little valley two miles distant.  The party back at Starvation Flats later names this Holcomb’s Valley.

     The flowing day Bill and Ben Choteau, his Cherokee companion, wounded a “monster grizzly.”  They followed the blood trail across a quartz ledge which caught Bill’s attention.  Three days later they returned to take hunks of the quartz down to Caribou Creek where they intended to test the samples.  While washing the rock in the creek, they were delighted to find the stream bed shimmering with gold washed down from the ridges above them!  The news spread rapidly and by July of 1860 the valley was swarming with prospectors.





Along this gentle tree-lined path you can see a lovely moss-covered tree.  The striking colors of the moss which envelops the tree trunk really capture your attention while hiking along the shady path towards a spectacular first view of the Holcomb Valley .


Click for larger View

A breathtaking view of the Holcomb Valley.  This trail is so quiet and the view is so beautiful it is like having paradise all to yourself.


The Holcomb View Trail is
strewn with interesting rocks.


Another view of the Holcomb View Trail on the return trek back to the Jeep.

1.Holcomb View Trail - 2. Last Chance Placer
Wilbur's Grave (Not on the tour)
3. Two Gun Bill's Saloon - 4. Jonathan Tibbett's Grasshopper Quartz Mill
5. Hangman's Tree - 6. Original Gold Diggings - 7. Belleville - 8. Arrasters
9. Ross' Grave - 10. Pygmy Cabin Site - 11. Metzger Mine
12. Gold Mountain A.K.A. Lucky Baldwin Mine