6. Original Gold Diggings
       (6.8 Miles)

    Look in the meadow 
(the stream is not usually visible).

     In this field Bill Holcomb made his original discovery.  “Pannin’ and diggin’” along the intermittent seasonal stream yielded some of the purest gold ever recovered in California .

     In 1861 and 1862 thousands of claims were staked throughout the valley.  Staking and recording a claim was easy – protecting it was often a more difficult task.  One old claim paper says, “Joe Brown, takes this ground, jumpers will be shot.”

This is about all there is to see on this stop.  There is a rail fence looking down into a rather small pit.  There is no trail available to trek off onto, so we just moved on after taking this photograph.  



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Wilbur's Grave (Not on the tour)
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9. Ross' Grave - 10. Pygmy Cabin Site - 11. Metzger Mine
12. Gold Mountain A.K.A. Lucky Baldwin Mine