10. Pygmy Cabin Site 
(7.3 Miles)

Across the road from Stop #9, a winding 300-yard trail leads to the cabin remains.

     There is much speculation and curiosity about the tiny old log cabin, which had a height of 6 feet at the roof peak and a door barely more than 4 feet tall.  Was the roof put on before the walls got completed because winter was quickly approaching?  Was the job rushed so the owner could head to the nearest stream to start panning?  Or, was the builder simply short of stature?

     Fire destroyed the cabin in November of 1983.

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Wilbur's Grave (Not on the tour)
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5. Hangman's Tree - 6. Original Gold Diggings - 7. Belleville - 8. Arrasters
9. Ross' Grave - 10.Pygmy Cabin Site - 11. Metzger Mine
12. Gold Mountain A.K.A. Lucky Baldwin Mine