3.  Two Gun Billís Saloon.
     (5.8 Miles)

Hike in 100 yards to the scattered remnants of this historic log structure.

     For many years strangers were told that this was the site of the famous saloon, dance hall and bordello.  The ďwhite lieĒ was repeated so often that even locals began to believe it.  But the real Two Gun Billís Saloon was due west 1.5 miles at the southeast corner of the juncture of 3N16 and 3N12.  The remains resting here are of a very big cabin that was occupied as late as the 1930ís.

A nice wooden fence and path leads you directly to Two Gun Billís Saloon site.  


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A panorama of the Two Gun Billís Saloon site. 
Today, the only residents of this old cabin we met up with were some lizards that tried to defend the wooden logs of the cabin from us and some mountain chickadees.

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