Wilbur's Grave
Side Trip (Not on the Tour)

This side trip is not included in the tour, but it is shown on the map on the back page.  This probably the best part of the whole Gold Fever Trail.

3N07 takes you to Wilburís grave and an small pond and meadow that is bustling with scrub jays, stellar jays, wood peckers, mountain chickadees, nuthatches, robins, towhees, ravens, among other mountain birds we didnít see today; there were lizards everywhere, and tracks around the water softened shoreline looked to be coyote, and possibly a mountain lion.

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An impressive tree with gorgeous lavender purple wildflowers scattered before it.  Time to say good-bye to Wilbur and his pond and get back to the Gold Fever Tour map.

This photograph is of Wilburís grave.  The pine cone topped grave site attests to the memory of the population of gold miners that lived and died in the Holcomb Valley .


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This is an attractive view of the pond that is located next to Wilburís grave.  There is a barbed wire fence surrounding the pond.  This is an excellent place to eat a picnic lunch and bird watch.  The day we were there we didnít see any other visitors and the silence except for the wind passing through the pines and bugs buzzing to and fro were truly golden.  


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More wildflowers, this time a soft hue of lavender purple plus more little white flowers that are throughout the Holcomb Valley .  Wilburís grave is in the middle of the picture hidden behind the trees.

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Wilbur's Grave (Not on the tour)
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5. Hangman's Tree - 6. Original Gold Diggings - 7. Belleville - 8. Arrasters
9. Ross' Grave - 10. Pygmy Cabin Site - 11. Metzger Mine
12. Gold Mountain A.K.A. Lucky Baldwin Mine