History of Mercer County

Hamblin, Sons, & Co.

Hamblin, Sons & Co. manufacturers of automatic balance slide valve steam engines, circular saw mills, head blocks, saws, brass, goods, pipe and fittings, are the successors of business enterprise that was established in March, 1838, by J.K. Hamblin and Gardner Bond, in a small frame building directly opposite the present site. It is claimed for the firm of Hamblin & Bond, that they were the first foundry operators in the Greenville, and one of the first in Mercer County. Their products were mainly plows and lock cast for the Eril Canal, which was then in course of construction. In 1850 the name of the firm was changed to Bond, Heath & Co., and three years later to Hablin & Heath, under which title the enterprise was continued with varying success untill 1866, when the works were destroyed by fire, with a total loss of all machinery and products.

Shortly afterward, however, the business was resumed by J. K. Hamblin, who built and occupied the present quarters March 15, 1870, by the association of Hon. Jacob F. Kreps, of Westmorland County, Penn., and Samuel Hamblin, a member of the present firm, the title of the business became Hamblin, Kreps & Co. On the 28th of August, 1871, a reorganization took place, and the present firm, consisting of J. K. Hamblin, Samuel, H. M. Hamblin and A. T. Kreps was formed. Since them the business of the foundry has been considerably increased, and the market now extends into several States, as far south as South Carolina, and west through Ohin. Connected with the enterprise is a general jobbing department, in which all sorts of castings are made and miscellaneous repair done.

History of Mercer County, 1888, page 438

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