Past and Present of Adams County, Nebraska
Chicago. S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1916

pages 391-392

     In 1884, a store building was erected by a Methodist minister, the Rev. Mr. Calvert, who operated the store about a year and then sold it to Elmer Sims, now of Hastings.  Mr. Sims conducted the store about two years and then sold.  The store was then purchased successively by Z. Stone, Margaret Stone and John Stratton.  Mr. Stratton was the proprietor when the store was burned on Easter Sunday, 1901.  Following the destruction of the two stores the Ancient Order of United Workmen at once erected a brick building, using the upper story for their hall and renting the store below.  Mr. Stratton reopened in the new store room but eventually sold his business to Nellie Vandling and her father.  George Hatch, who came from Harvard, was the next proprietor until he sold to O. A. Cain.  In 1914 a corporation composed of John Kieth, Tom Winn, Homer Loucks, George Durkee, Theo. Stock, Lem Clark, O. B. Shafer, H. C. Redman, W. O. Cain, Moses Price, Charles Dominy and George Sheaff built a store, building across the street west from the Ancient Order of United Workmen Building, and Mr.. Cain moved his store into the new building.  The store is of brick and was erected at a cost of $7,000.  W. V. Gauvreau, son of E. L. Gauvreau of Hastings, purchased the business of Mr. Cain in 1914 and is the present proprietor of the store.