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Hastings, Nevraska
Jan. 6, 1927

M. M. M. Hatch

Huntington Beach, Calf.

Dear Friend we enclose you bill as was our instructions for burial of Vera Blanch Hatch. We buried her on the lot that George had there he phoned up and said it was all right to do that his infant was buried there we paid the Cemetery for the labor as per bill got some nice flowers and paid the minister every thing was nice and I hope it is satisfactory with you all.

George could not come up from Kansas City his folks were sick. We told him we would post pone the service if he wanted but he thought we better go ahead it saved you $15 by burial being on Georges lot.

Rev G. W. Bruckner on the Christian Church of Hastings went down with us and conducted the service we paid him $5 he would not have make any charge but I thought that would be what you would want us to do. We remember the family all at Harvard and have seen you all many times at the Christian church there. With best regards we are.


Livingston Brothers

Walter Livingston


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