The Elmwood Echo
Elmwood, Cass County, Nebraska

Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-1891
Source:  NEGenWeb Project Resource Center
Cass County, Nebraska

page 150 Elmwood       This thriving town is situated a little south and west of the center of Cass County, 35 miles west of Plattsmouth, the seat of justice. The beautiful country surrounding it is of gently rolling prairie and is noted for its fertility. It has a population of 400, and is located on the Missouri Pacific Ry., 24 miles east of Lincoln. Two banks with capital respectively of $25,000 and $9,000, facilitate the financial operations of the vicinity. "The Echo " is the title of the newspaper; the societies are K. of P., A. O. U. W. and G. A. R.; the churches are the Christian, Methodist and Catholic; two elevators further the shipment of grain, and two hotels accommodate the traveling public. 

Adams & Gilbert, grain elevator.
Allen Charles, billiards.
American Exchange Bank, capital $9,000, T E Stevens pres, W S Waters, cashier.
Arends & Thomas, genl mdse.
Bailey C L & Son, harnessmakers.
Bailey & Saxton, meat market.
Beardslee Clark & Co, lumber.
Beardslee H G, furniture, agl implts.
Carroll H H, prop Elmwood poultry yards.
Cartmell D L & Co, hardware, agl implts.
Church & Hibbs, millinery, dressmakers.
Clapp C D & Co, genl mdse.
Clements John & Son, furniture, agl implts and undertakers.
Cole Mary J Mrs, fancy goods.
Davis Bros, livery sale and board-stables.
Eels Bros, grain elevator.
Elmwood Echo, Mayfield Bros, prop.
Elmwood House, Mrs. L P Green slate, prop.
Elmwood Poultry Yards, H H Carroll prop.
Green James, drugs.
Green J H Mrs, millinery.
Greenslate L P Mrs, prop Elmwood House.
Hatch George, groceries.

Hobbs & Haughey, phys.
Hogan L V, drugs.
Jacobs E M, wagonmaker.
Jaynes J L, wagonmaker.
Lockey A, pumps, windmills.
Marshall A L, drugs.
Mayfield A U, postmaster.
Mayfield Cros, pub, Elmwood Echo.
Mueller Wm, blacksmith.
Neihart A W, photographer.
Raker Sam, harness and shoemaker.
Rosencrance E W, barber.
Sarver W N, hardware.
Smith C N, justice.
State Bankof Elmwood, capital $25,00, James Rivett Jr, pres.
Striplin F M, prop Union Hotel.
Striplin Henry, livery.
Swearingen W A, sta, tel and ex agt.
Union Hotel, F M Striplin prop.
Vick Bros, genl mdse.
Webber Bros, blacksmiths, wagonmakers.