Patient Survives Skit; Gets Award
William Mabb…recipient of honor

     In the midst of an “operation,” so serious the next of kin had to be rushed to the “patient’s” side, news of William Mabb receiving an Honorary Life Membership from the Longden PTA was revealed during the annual Fathers’ Night show.

     “Dr. Gililespie” (Lack Littler), aided by “Dr. Kildare” (Ben Parker), said:  “I certainly hope I can save the patient since he has done so much service to the community and would be ‘sorely’ missed.”

     “He’s been Longden PTA’s fathers’ committee chairman two different times, an annual performer in the fathers’ show, and a carnival helper for many years.”

     “He’s been Cubmaster of Madison School, Pact 265, and Webelos chairman of Longden Pack 156,” the doctor continued.

     Mabb’s been active in Little League for six years, serving as manager, umpire, concession stand chairman, and is now players’ agent, in spite of the fact his boys are too old for the program.

     In DeMolay, he’d been chapter dad and athletic director.  He has just helped construct a float for his daughter’s Brownie troop.

     “Yes, he’d certainly be missed.”

     With that final pronouncement, Mabb was presented his Honorary Life Membership pin and then helped to his feet from the operating table to receive congratulations from his family.

     Mabb and his wife, Mildred, live at 6213 Cloverly, Temple City .  They have three children, Norman, senior at Temple City High School ; Wayne, a freshman; and Beverly , in third grade at Longden School .  They have lived in Temple City for 7 years.