Source citation:  The BAMM Collection.  Contact information:
19 Dec 2008.

Transcribed by Beverly Mabb-Morten

Letter from Helen Thompson to Maria (née Mickle) Hatch, March 29, 1911.
Thompson letter is one continuous sentence with numerous misspelled words.
The attorney’s name was difficult to read in the letter; the name used in this transcription came from the legal/partition notice.

March 29th

1617 Martha St Munhall PA

Dear Cousin:

I just now received your letter was surprised to learn you did not receive my letter I wondered so many times why you did not answer  I just received one letter from you stating if I would answer you would tell me all about your family  I wrote you but never received an answer  We have free delivery here now and the numbers have been changed but I get quite a few letters all along with the old number  Concerning Cousin Hez’s estate I suppose you will be dissipointed [sic] as it is only too [sic] vacant lots  The one was appraised at six hundred dollars the other at too [sic] thousand  Last summer they had sail [sic] the 600 brought seventy five more than it was appraised at and the deal closed but the other one they could not get near what it was appraised at and it went over fore another time then they soald [sic] it for five hundred less than it was appraised at  then the party that got it came out to see me and said the cort [sic] had notified him to come and get the deed but there was some doubt about the title and he was not sure he would take it  Then Mr. Scull sent for me and said they would have to look up the objection I said I could settle that for them and think it is just a skeem [sic] to get it for less than it is worth and not to let him have it at that price but attorney Scull said they couldnot [sic] do that but they almost gave it for less than he gave at the sail [sic] as he was afraid of the title so when they heard what I had to say about the title they would notify him to come and get his deed or throw up the bargain but I have not heard since what he did but I will be going to town next week and will stop in to see and when you write so I will know if you get my letter I will then write and let you know I am afraid we wont get much out of it as there ar[ sic] so many heirs and when it goes through the Court as that did the Costs ar [sic] so high and then in his case you know the State gets a percent if you like I will ask Mr. Scull to write you as I know so little about business or things of that sort but they did not appoint anyone heir to act as they talked of it went through the regular Court proseedings [sic]

Well I will close now to get it in the next mail I will expect to hear from you soon

From your Cousin Helen Thompson

PS the only one of my Fathers family living is Aunt Mary Slater of Johnstown.