*My copy appears to be a photo copy of the family Bible.
I do not know the location of the primary copy except that Aunt Ruth didn't think anyone would be interested in it so she tore it out of the Bible  This  Bible and the notes are elsewhere...Aunt Ruth!

Copyright©2005 Beverly Mabb-Morten

Howard Elton Moore September 15, 1863
Jacob B. Moore May 1, 1865
Jemima Cotton Moore 1900
John B. Brown
August 13, 1904
Lizzie Armstrong Moore November 14, 1912
Alfred Cotton Moore November 30, 1912
Essie J. Mc Moore October 1, 1917
Edwin DeLorme Moore  
Lucy Mary Thalimer May 5, 1924
Eva Moore Brown
May 30, 1935
Alverson G. Thalimer January 29, 1942