DAY 2 Continued

The Hatch family had owned this land and farmed on it during the 1800’s. William C. Hatch came to Warsaw 1815. Like so many families of that time the loved ones that passed were buried on a section of their property, a bit of history I wasn't aware of before this adventure. As we scoured the area for names we were looking for, the fellow next door was mowing his grass. He saw us and steered his ridding mower over in our direction.



He parked his mower, walked up and introduced himself and asked if he could help us find what we are looking for. He went on to tell us he is a member of the local historical society and had a number of historical documents that included information on the Hatch family. He invited us in to see the books and maps and to meet his wife. He had a wealth of documents plus his own personal memories from living in the area most of his life. We spent the remainder of the day photographing the Cemetery.
As you can see for these photos the Hatch Cemetery is in need of repair.
Bev and I believe that this toppled marker is probably the original Hatch stone, marking William Chamberlain Hatch and maybe his Mother, Deborah Chamberlain-Hatch graves.
We achieved our goal to find the the family burial grounds!

DAY 3, The County Side