Western New York

I must admit when my wife, Beverly, first told me of her desire to go to New York in search of her ancestors, I was somewhat reluctant. In my minds eye New York is all concrete and steel, not my kind of place.

For those of you that have been to Western New York, you already know about the miles and miles of farms scattered throughout rolling hills of green. I couldn't have been more surprised and pleased to see how wrong I was about New York.


Letchworth State Park a.k.a. The Little Grand Canyon

One of the many old barns along Route 20




Our goal was to find two family graveyards located in Wyoming County, New York. In preparation for this Bev and I collected information from family members (Uncle Bob, 80 years young) and old family documents, photos and the Internet.


I haven't traveled by plane in over 25 years so I am a bit rusty at the entire reservation process. I did a search on the Internet for low airfares using various services such as Cheap Tickets and Price Line, just to name a couple. All seemed to point to the same airline, United. So I decided to go straight to the United web site.

I found United's web site easy to understand and use. While searching flight times I came across a link, United Escapes, that would allow me to book the flight, hotel and car rental in one package. It was that easy! The price was not bad either. So in a matter of 30 minutes I completely booked out trip.

I booked two round trip flights, a room for two at the Hyatt Regency, Buffalo with king bed and high speed internet and compact car (Avis) for 5 days at a total price of $1,638.84.

So without further delay I present my travel log of our June of 2005 trip to Western New York.