History of the Town of Warsaw, New York by Andrew W. Young
Family Sketches and Notes, pages 331 and 332.

BISSEL SHERWIN was born July 13, 1777, and married Experience Whitney.  They removed to this town about the year 1822.  Mrs. Sherwin did Oct. 3 1855; Mr. Sherwin, Sept. 16, 1860.  They had eleven children, as follows:

Lydia, born Oct. 21, 1807, married Isaac Perry; died in Chautauqua C., leaving two son and a daughter.
Lyman, born Aug. 8, 1809, married Miss Champion, in Bethany, March 26, 1843.  They had six children.
Amanda married Thomas R. Jones.  They reside in Wisconsin, and have four children.
Sally married Walter M. Hatch.  [See Wm. C. Hatch]
Jacob, born June 18, 1814, married Hannah Pierce.  Their children are: 1. Mary Ann, who married Allen T. Covel, and removed to California.  2. Wallace, now in the regular army.  3. Annie Bell.
Horace married Tirza Butler, who had two children, and died.  He married a second wife, Mary Ann Curtis.  They reside in Holland, Erie Co., and have three children.
Clarissa married Sebra Tripp.  They removed to Michigan, where she died, Jan. 3, 1860.
Betsey married Sylvester Curtis.  They reside in Holland, N. Y., and have a son, Herman.
Bissel married in Wisconsin, Mary Scolo.  He died at the battle of Fair Oaks, Va., Oct. 27, 1864.
Elvira married Person P. Draper.  Their children are:  Bell, George, and Carried.
Lovinia married Squira Austin Tripp.  They now reside in Westfield, N. Y., and have two children.


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