Howard Alverson Thalimer. Written by H.R. Bob Thalimer

Howard Alverson Thalimer was born in New Castle , Pennsylvania in 1891.  He was raised Pennsylvania and in Florida .  Howard graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Civil Engineering.  He graduated with honors, first in his class and he completed the four year program in three years.

In 1913 Howard was a member of the first survey party into the Florida Everglades.  They ran a line from the east coast to Lake Okeechobee .  Howard worked on the family ranch in Florida .  During 1920 he worked in the oil fields in Oklahoma .  He and his father, Alverson Gates Thalimer, tried mining in the Mojave Desert near the town of Kelso .  This father and son team also had a walnut ranch in El Monte , California .  In 1925 Howard helped develop the water system for the town of Vista , California .  During the late 1920’ and early 30’s he was a member of the Water Department for the city of Huntington Park and was head of the Water Department of the city of Vernon .

During World War II Howard devoted all his time and effort in various Defense Plants.  He was a very patriotic person.

Howard retired from C.F. Braun and Company and the business world in 1857 at the age of 66.      Except for during the war years Howard was a great traveler.  He visited 49 of the 50 states, Canada and Mexico .  Hawaii being the only state he never visited.

He loved his family and was a devoted husband, brother, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Howard wrote to the widow of a close friend who had passed away.  He told her “People who have lived through our life span have seen the most wonderful period in this world’s history and for that we are thankful.  But we must also realize that human life as we know it cannot go on forever.”